Aspirations and Auguries - Back to School in September
Aspirations and Auguries - Back to School in September

Once again our perpetual global motion brings its perennial turn of the seasons, depositing us once again to the start of another academic year – an exciting and daunting time for both children and adults alike, as classes and courses are launched into with the best of keen alacrity, new friends are made and refreshed lives commenced anew. Resolutions are pressed home and targets hung high, to which every aspiring student aspires.

To celebrate this auspicious time we have collated a selection of artwork by many of our favourite artists to reflect the hopes of all starting afresh after a well-deserved summer break. We cover artistic, sporting and academic aspirations – some with humour and some more candid, hoping to engage and inspire both young and old for the year ahead, and capture the hustle bustle and buzz of school, college and university life in the days ahead.

The full collection of artwork in this exhibition can be viewed and purchased online throughout September, and selected pieces will be on display in the gallery.
Exhibition date
1st - 30th September 2018