Ingram Pinn: Political Cartoons for the Financial Times
Ingram Pinn: Political Cartoons for the Financial Times

15 March - 8 April 2017

With Brexit throwing the UK political establishment into turmoil and the election of Donald Trump turning US policy on its head, politics certainly became less predictable in 2016. All this of course provided endless fruit for political cartoonist Ingram Pinn to pick at, with each day giving rise to one absurdity after another.

Since 1987 Pinn has worked as an illustrator and political cartoonist for the Financial Times, producing his own comment each weekend and illustrating further articles throughout the week. This major solo exhibition of his recent work showcases a fresh and provocative selection of illustrations drawing upon key moments from 2016’s turbulent political landscape.

Among the collection we see Theresa May perching on a Brexit rocket while judges hold the matches to light the fuse; Trump leads his inauguration parade, banging the world with his America First drumsticks while Chinese president Xi Jinping looks on. From robots taking our jobs to refugees batted back and forth like tennis balls, this satirical show will take you on a rollercoaster ride through 2016 leaving you breathlessly wondering quite how we made it through the year.

Opening night private view and press reception; 15th March, 5.00pm – 8.00pm
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Exhibition date
15 March - 8 April 2017
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