Debra McFarlane and The Folio Society
The Folio Society has been synonymous with fine binding and beautifully illustrated books since its origins in 1947. Since then many of its classic editions have been illustrated by leading artists. As well as patronising those well-known The Folio Society has also given many younger talents their first opportunity for success. Such a one is Debra McFarlane who has now published eight books with The Folio Society, of which her impressive Peter Pan and Wendy and The Pink Fairy Book have been best-sellers.

This showcase event provides an opportunity to explore the work of this hugely talented young artist, and her lovingly-produced artwork. For the most part Debra works in the lengthy and meticulous medium of etching and aquatint, as in painting the inks are applied to the plate by hand and the print then taken in one impression. Each one is therefore unique and each edition has its own distinctive style, thus providing endless fascination for the collector.

Illustrator Event: Tea with Debra McFarlane, Saturday 21 April, 3.00 - 5.00pm. Folio Society books will be available for purchase and signing.
Exhibition date
11th - 28th April 2012
22 Bury Street, St.James's, London, SW1Y 6AL