The Thatcher Postcards
"When (if ever) the lady relinquishes power, I'll bet that A.M. Parkin's terrific card becomes one of the most sought after."
Steve Webb, 1989.

Illustrationcupboard is pleased to present A.M. Parkin's original artwork for the iconic Margaret Thatcher postcards of the 1980s. This iconic set of six satirical postcards includes the internationally recognised Market Forces' Sweetheart, which was voted top political postcard of 1989. The cards sold widely throughout the late 80's and early 90's both in Britain and abroad, becoming popular with dealers and collectors alike. They have subsequently been published in The Independent and exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Halls.

This is the first time that the original artwork from The Thatcher Postcards has been available for purchase, offering the serious collector a real opportunity to acquire exceptional illustrative work. Prices start at £1250 for original artwork and online sales start on 20th December 2011. The artwork will be on show from the 4th January 2012, coinciding with the much-awaited opening of the award winning film The Iron Lady, portraying the life of Margaret Thatcher.

A.M. Parkin was born in 1943 and was educated at Beckenham School of Art. His first exhibition was sponsored by Graham Sutherland, an early admirer of his drawings, and he has since held three solo London exhibitions and has shown at The Royal Academy. In 2011 he took part in the Discerning Eye exhibition in London at the invitation of art critic Brian Sewell.

The Thatcher Postcards will run alongside The 16th Annual Winter Exhibition, an exhibition of classic and iconic contemporary book illustration and film animation.
Exhibition date
4th - 31st January 2012
22 Bury St, St James's