Falmouth Illustration: The Retrospective
An exclusive review of work produced by former students of the BA(Hons) Illustration course at University College Falmouth.

This is a course that has distinctive features giving it a defined edge being underpinned by professional practice and does not discriminate regarding visual language or style. It also has considerable connections with the industry in London, Europe and North America.

Many former students have made significant achievements in a wide range of contexts both nationally and internationally with successful careers in the media and communication industries and beyond. This exhibition is an exemplification of the high quality, diversity, innovation and creative practice that has become the Falmouth Illustration hallmark.

Professor Alan Male

Professor of Illustration (Course Leader 1993- 2010)

University College Falmouth

Exhibition date
3 - 12 February 2011
22 Bury St, London, SW1Y 6AL