Inga Moore - The Secret Garden
Inga Moore is one of the great talents working today and her exquisite artwork, with its extraordinary virtuosity and atmosphere has consistently made her books best-sellers.
Since its publication in 1911, this tale has enchanted generations of readers and is described as having ‘a peculiar relevance to our times’ (The Times). Inga Moore’s artwork bridges the gap between the old worlds and the new, making this a timeless classic and a definitive Secret Garden.

Beautifully illustrated in a style which exactly captures the flavour of the original text (Northern Echo)

Having taken years to produce, this is the first occasion that Inga Moore has presented this work for exhibition and purchase, and offers the serious collector and real opportunity to acquire first class illustrative work. In this remarkable edition Inga Moore’s beautifully observed illustrations capture the wonder of the garden coming alive again, bringing about the transformation of two unhappy children.

Moore’s gentle eye is most rewarding. Her rabbits, foxes, badgers and mice are adorable, and one of her most successful techniques is a filmic succession of pictures that show the natural life of the countryside (The Times)

Prices start at £550 for original artwork, and signed first edition (1997) copies of the book are available at cover price £15.99.
Exhibition date
19th October - 13th November 2010
The Illustration Cupboard