Graham Oakley's Church Mice Bonanza
A single-artist spectacular for Graham Oakley and his much-loved Church Mice series of books. Original artwork will be on view and available for purchase.

To celebrate the recent republication by Templar of two more in this series we will be exhibiting original artwork from:
The Church Mice Adrift
The Church Mice at Christmas
The Church Mice

Perenially popular these books are a faouvite of many and are sure to attract interest form collectors and enthusiasts alike. Enquiries and purchases can be made in advance. Prices will start at £450.

Signed books are availabe for purchase at cover price, £10.99. Purchases can be made through this website.

Exhibition runs from 21 September - 19 October 2010.

22 Bury St,
St James's
London, SW1Y 6AL

9.30am - 6pm Weekdays
11am-5pm Saturdays

Nearest underground: Green Park.
Exhibition date
21 September - 17 October 2010
22 Bury St, London, Sw1Y 6AL