Chris Wormell and Adnams Beers
The The Illustration Cupboard is pleased to announce its summer exhibition with a celebration of the 'beer from the coast'. Leading artist and illustrator Chris Wormell has produced a vivid and iconic series of hand-printed lino cuts for the extensive advertising campaign of the Suffolk based brewery Adnams. These artworks have been impressively seen from large bill board posters, to the side of taxi cabs and in bars and pubs throughout Britain.

This series is now, for the first time, the subject of a comprehensive exhibition displaying Chris Wormell at his most creative and imaginative, with an array of beachscapes featuring Adnams bottle tops surreally positioned along breakwaters, cliffs, umbrellas and even limpets.

Artwork can be viewed and purchased from our website.

Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 12pm - 5pm
Exhibition date
13 August - 12 September 2009
22 Bury St, London, SW1Y 6AL