Into The Blue: Travel with your mind
The Illustration Cupboard is proud to present

Into the Blue: Travel with your mind
Seascapes from St Ives by Michael Foreman

and introducing
Swami Surfboard Design – Twenty first century artefacts

01 to 31 August 2007
22 Bury St
London SW1Y 6AL

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Michael Foreman – Seascapes from St Ives
The Illustration Cupboard is delighted to present original artwork by Michael Foreman – as you may not have seen him before. A leading book illustrator of international renown this exhibition focuses on a hitherto unseen side of Michael’s artists output. Produced at his home in St Ives, from his studio which once belonged to the leading British artist Ben Nicholson, these oil on canvas paintings, in the long tradition of Cornish painting, evoke the ever changing wonder of the Atlantic sea and sky.

“In the spring and summer I was woken
each day by a sequence of amazing dawns.
Framed by the window, they were
just rectangles of changing colour.
Same place, same time, but each day dawned
different and wonderful.”

Giles Dunn and Swami
Swami's boards aim to capture the beauty and passion which is at the heart of surfing.
Surfboards have long been a canvas for personal expression and these unique-hand made totems take that tradition to a new level. Each piece is hand crafted by skilled shapers from Cornwall's north shore. Using the latest print technology the designs are then wrapped and cut into the surface of the boards before being encapsulated within layers of highly polished resin. The combination of the shapers skill, art and technology creates a truly modern artefact.

Swami was founded in 2000 by Giles Dunn, who studied at Central St Martin’s. He has subsequently forged his reputation in new and multi media design, and is now a much sought after designer in this cutting-edge contemporary field. Swami is named after the infamous point break in Southern California, also famous for its cliff-top Hindu temple. The imagery of these boards reflects the juxtaposition of this Eastern influence and the raw essence of the ocean.

Swami boards are produced in a limited edition of 10.


Exhibition date
On view at the gallery 01 - 31 August 2007
22 Bury St, London, SW1Y 6AL