The Selfish Giant – Alexis Deacon
6th – 28th June 2017
6th – 28th June
The Selfish Giant – Alexis Deacon

Alexis Deacon is a truly formidable talent, whose reputation as one of the leading illustrator of his generation goes from strength to strength. His first book Slow Loris (2002) was named by Time Magazine as one of the top hundred best children’s books of all time and he has twice been recipient of The New York Times best children’s book award. He has also been short-listed on two occasions for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

We are therefore delighted that Alexis has release for us to exhibit his superb person of Oscar Wilde’s classic tale, The Selfish Giant. As one of the great classic children’s stories the combination of Wilde and Deacon is a perfect partnership. As one of the best draughtsman of his generation Alexis’ sympathetic and incisive work captures the essence of this heart-warming tale. Collectors should note that this is the first time that Alexis Deacon has ever released a complete set of his published artwork and as such represents a serious opportunity to acquire work by this illustrative heavy-weight. Alexis Deacon will be in attendance at the gallery on Wednesday &th June at 6pm to sign copies of the book.

Private view evening with Alexis Deacon on Wednesday 7 June, from 5.30pm - 8.00pm
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Brambly Hedge - The Art of Jill Barklem
10 May - 3 June 2017
For our major spring exhibition we are delighted to present a solo show of Jill Barklem’s outstanding original artwork for the much loved Brambly Hedge books. This is the first time this significant collection has been exhibited in the UK.
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Helen Ward: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
12 April - 6 May
Illustrationcupboard Gallery is delighted to present our spring exhibition of Helen Ward’s original, watercolour illustrations from the classic tale The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. With over 40 pieces of original artwork on show, Ward's sumptuous watercolor illustrations will take the viewer on a stunning visual journey from the colourful countryside to the urban dazzle of Aesop's familiar fable.
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Ingram Pinn: Political Cartoons for the Financial Times
15 March - 8 April 2017
With Brexit throwing the UK political establishment into turmoil and the election of Donald Trump turning US policy on its head, politics certainly became less predictable in 2016. All this of course provided endless fruit for political cartoonist Ingram Pinn to pick at, with each day giving rise to one absurdity after another.

Since 1987 Pinn has worked as an illustrator and political cartoonist for the Financial Times, producing his own comment each weekend and illustrating other articles during the week. This major solo exhibition of his recent work showcases a fresh and provocative selection of illustrations drawing upon key moments from 2016’s turbulent political landscape.
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