The World United 2012
26th July - 11th August 2012
The London Olympics 2012 provides Illustrationcupboard gallery with a unique opportunity to highlight the fabulous smorgasbord of international artists included in our collection. We are very fortunate in this country to attract such an impressive array of artists whose books sell in every country around the globe. The World United exhibition celebrates this with a unique display of work from all over the world.
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Brian Wildsmith: Paintings, Graphic artwork and Costume Designs
July 11th - 4th August 2012
This summer sees Illustrationcupboard’s third single artist exhibition for Brian Wildsmith, and a further celebration of this artist’s fascinating oeuvre. Regarded as one of the great twentieth century book illustrators, Brian’s superb draughtsmanship and exquisite use of colour heralded a revolutionary change in picture books in the early 1960s when he was first published by innovative editor Mabel George at Oxford University Press.
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Cracking Jubilee Gromit!
1-2 June 2012
A Diamond Jubilee Saturday - 3 June 2012

Illustrationcupboard is delighted to join with the rest of the nation in wishing HM Queen Elizabeth a very happy Diamond Jubilee.

As part of the celebrations we will be celebrating the very best of everything British with a gallery focus on Nick Park's loveable creations Wallace and Gromit. (Pls click to read more).

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Victor Ambrus A Life Drawing
6 - 27 June 2012
Victor Ambrus is one of the greatest living draughtsmen working today. After manning the barricades in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, Victor fled to England and became a Royal Scholar at the Royal College of Art. As a prolific illustrator he has spent over fifty years painting, drawing and writing. Twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal Victor has acquired a host of other prestigious accolades in all fields including the Royal Academy Arts Club Award and Fellowship of the RSA.
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