The Summer Exhibition featuring Letters To Klaus
11th June - 26th June 2013
The Summer Exhibition 2013
11th - 26th June

A group exhibition of classic and contemporary illustration.

Highlights include the museum-quality page spread by E.H. Shepard from the original illustrated Wind in the Willows, as well as classic artwork by William Heath Robinson from The Real Princess, The Fairest Bride and The Works of Rabelais. Also showing for the first time we welcome Fulvio Testa with artwork for his recent book Pinocchio. Further highlights include newly released artwork by Jane Ray, Anita Jeram, Neil Packer, Ireland Children's Laureate Niamh Sharkey and many others.
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Illustrated Envelopes
11 - 26 June 2013
To celebrate the publication of Letters to Klaus, a wonderful
collection of quirky illustrated envelopes sent to Andersen Press publisher Klaus Flugge by many of the best-known book illustrators working today, we will be exhibiting a loan display of these originals.

Alongside these will be a selection of similar envelopes, especially produced for this event and available for purchase.

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The World of Dave McKean
15 May - 08 June 2013
Illustrationcupboard is delighted to present a wide-ranging exhibition of original artwork by the multi-talented and cult-artist DAVID McKEAN for his new collaboration with David Almond Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. There will also be a book launch with both David McKean and David Almond in attendance.
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The Art of Simon Bartram
24 April - 12 May 2013
Simon Bartram is a profoundly talented artist, whose ability springs from his northern
roots as a fine artist to a lucrative and increasingly successful career as an author and book illustrator. We are proud to throw a spotlight on the dual aspect of his creativity as an increasingly sought-after artist, who has quietly gained serious respect from collectors and publishers alike. Born in Jarrow and living in Newcastle, Simon draws inspiration from a rich heritage. His fine art paintings pay homage to heroes like Stanley Spencer, and engage us in a gritty urban realism of Newcastle life. As a whole-hearted supporter of Sunderland AFC his work is inspired by the energy and passions of his Tyneside home.

Alongside this we highlight his work as an author/illustrator and creator of Bob Man on the Moon. This impressively successful series attracts an international audience and has pinned Simon on the international publishing map. In both disciplines technical mastery and rich ability affords Simon virtuosity of execution and a uniqueness of vision, infused with intuitive sensitivity and the infamous northern humour. We commend his work to those with illustration and fine art collections.
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