02-15 March 2016
2 - 15 March
Jill Murphy’s ‘Five Minutes Peace’

‘Five Minutes Peace’ is one of the best-selling picture books in recent times, and broke the mould, tapping in to emotions that every parent feels! We join the 30th anniversary celebrations with a varied display of Jill’s original published drawings and watercolours produced for this loveable series of books.
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Saturday 6 - Saturday 27 February 2016
Our Love exhibition brings together a beautiful, funny and touching collection of illustration artwork to celebrate Valentine's Day and the month of February or the month of Love!

Highlights include original Valentine's Day greetings card artwork by Babette Cole and new published artwork by Angela Barrett from her latest publication The Most Wonderful Thing in the World. Featured artists include Edward Ardizzone, Anthony Browne, Shirley Hughes, Jill Murphy, Neil Packer and many more.

We do hope you can join us to celebrate Love!
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The 20th Annual Winter Illustration Exhibition
18 November 2015 - 30 January 2016
18 November 2015 - 30 January 2016

Celebrating 20 Years of Illustrationcupboard

This Winter Exhibition is extra special for Illustrationcupboard Gallery and founder John Huddy as we celebrate 20 years since it all began in the spare bedroom of a West London flat! Since that first Winter Exhibition in 1996 Illustrationcupboard has grown enormously and is now housed on three floors in the world-famous art district of St. James’s in London.

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The Original James Bond - John McLusky's art from the '50s & 60s
28 October - 14 November 2015
The Original James Bond – Artwork by John McLusky from the 50s & 60s
28 October – 14 November 2015

Celebrating the first and original artwork from the Ian Fleming books serialised in The Daily Express from 1958 - 1966 - visualised by artist John McLusky years before the first Bond film.

Years before anyone had heard of a ‘James Bond Film’ the Daily Express newspaper commissioned leading graphic artist John McLusky to visualise Ian Fleming’s original spy-hero for the very first time. The result was an iconic black and white serialisation giving pictorial life to Fleming’s great brain-child. It is even said that McLusky’s Bond was so iconic that Eon Films based their first actor for this role on these drawings produced.
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